Wedding Music 101: Your Guide To Choosing The Right Wedding Musician

Excellent wedding event entertainers know precisely how to stimulate a space– or relax it down if required. The musical experience you will tailor for your wedding will have a lifetime imprint on the memories you and your visitors will conserve from this very special celebration. 

Wedding music can make or break the event. From revealing your grand entrance to managing your exit, it sets the mood, tone, and energy of the entire occasion.

Personal Taste

Firstly, we suggest counting on your taste when picking the best bands and artists for your wedding event. Do you desire a band or a DJ or string quartet? These aren’t your only options but, as you begin to define your wedding design, you can select which kind of music will be the very best fit.

Note Your Unique Songs 

You can depend on specific musical designs you’d choose to have for your wedding. It’s finest to choose something that has meaning for both of you, as this tune will set off memories of this day for the rest of your lives! This is an option that you should be making together, as a team.

Reserve Through A Trusted Agency

Scheduling your wedding event band through a reliable wedding event home entertainment agency brings with it a host of benefits. 

An excellent firm collects a wide range of quality-controlled wedding event bands in one location, making it much easier for you to contrast and compare different acts at one time, whilst being safe in the knowledge that each band is a professional attire you can trust to provide high-quality performance on your wedding day.

Set Your Budget

The cost you can anticipate to spend for a live wedding event band varies dramatically, ranging from the numerous pounds all the way as much as the tens of thousands. In general, the more band members in a band, the more you need to expect to pay. 

Other factors included the experience and popularity of your favoured band and how far they’ll need to take a trip to perform at your wedding – travel costs and lodging fees soon accumulate.

Number Of Guests

This may look like an odd piece of information that is needed, however, it can make all the difference.

The equipment required to carry out for 100 people is a lot more than 1,000. Knowing how numerous people you are requiring to keep entertained will help you narrow down the types of performers you need to look for.

Timeframe Of Your Occasion

Breaking your event down into blocks can be very helpful in finding out how many entertainers you need and what types of performers you require. 

Most significantly, you wish to make certain any lulls or spaces in your wedding event’s timeline are filled with ways your guests can engage with each other or entertainers.


The music you pick for your big day is as much a reflection of who you are as individuals as it is a set up for the huge celebration after your ceremony! Work with your artists to pick beautiful, classical music for each part of your event. Ask if they have arrangements of your favourite tunes.


Ask the coordinator of the group for assistance or suggestions if you get stuck! I know that I have coordinated and played hundreds of weddings, and love assisting couples pick the ideal music! And check a fantastic read for Top 50+ Best Wedding Bands & Musicians in Melbourne.