Things To Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Night Accommodations

Where to stay on a huge night? That is the concern. Whether you’re a regional or a location bride, this is a choice you and your fiancé will ultimately have to make and one that undoubtedly can’t wait up until the eleventh hour. 

Prior to you getting a space, however, you’ll want to take these six aspects into consideration. Because, duh, they’re the secret to wedding night success. And If you’re looking for Leading wedding event night lodgings in Melbourne, see here.

Bear In Mind That You Will Not Invest Much Time There

A lot of newlyweds report that they crash difficult and do not do anything but sleep, with love taking place the next day, That cash is far much better spent on the first night of your genuine honeymoon.

How Many Rooms Do You Need?

Price quote the overall guests coming to your wedding event and reception that require overnight accommodations. Hotel staff must work with you on supplying discounted hotel space rates for your wedding event visitors.

Reserve A Hotel Near Your Venue

After a hectic day and a generous quantity of champagne you will probably be feeling exhausted before you reach the hotel if you have a long drive to arrive, so avoid booking wedding event night accommodation which is too far from your location. 

Ensure you organise transport from your venue to the hotel. If you are jetting off on honeymoon early the next morning you might think of investing the night at an airport hotel as you won’t have to get up so early the next day.

Splash Out Within Reason

Your wedding night is an as soon as in a lifetime occasion and you deserve a little high-end pampering so treat yourselves and splash out on your wedding event night lodging. Bear in mind that you will just be there for a brief time if you are leaving early the next day. 

It would not be an excellent concept paying extra for unlimited use of the health club if you are arriving in the middle of the night and leaving the hotel before lunch.

Prioritize Privacy

If you choose to remain at the very same hotel as your loved ones, keep in mind that you may not have much personal privacy if you are staying in the very same hotel space floor as your wedding celebration. 

If you desire some space from your wedding celebration after the reception ends, ask the front desk to book a hotel room for you in a different part of the hotel far from loved ones.

Space Personal Privacy Idea: Do not let others know the location of your space if you don’t desire them knocking on your door all night. The last thing you want is your brand-new in-laws knocking on the door prior to bed to want you goodnight.


If you’re on a tight budget, you might desire to look into lowering the number of guests. If you are holding your wedding banquet at a hotel, check with the place if last payment can be made on the next day during check out.


What is the service personnel to table ratio? The number of event or banquet managers are on duty for your wedding? How is the service attitude of the wedding event sales workers? Suggestion: Ask your married friends to recommend venues that have thoughtful service.

Other Considerations

Is there the helpers’ room included in the wedding bundle? Can you save props (if any) at the place prior to your big day? Idea: Think about holding your wedding banquet during off-peak durations like lunch rather than dinner as venue suppliers are more ready to toss in additional advantages or negotiate on decreasing the number of minimum tables.

Concerns To Consider

  • Checkout Time.Ask about the checkout time and whether there’s a later alternative. You’ll likely be exhausted the morning after your wedding event, and if you’re not having a morning-after breakfast with your visitors, you’ll wish to oversleep as long as possible and then eat before you have to pack up. You might be able to work out a checkout as late as 4 p.m if your room isn’t reserved the following night
  • The Tub After a night of commemorating, a relaxing dip is just the ticket for sore feet. Inquire about a space with fancy spa-style features, like a Jacuzzi-jet tub or a deep tub that’s big enough for two.
  • The Bed For your first night together as a couple, nothing but a king-size bed will do! Likewise, make sure you’re not getting 2 twin-size beds pressed together to create a king.
  • Even though you paid handsomely for that reception caterer, you might be able to squeeze in just a bit here and there between dancing and greeting. Make sure room service is available late or, if you’re not hungry, at least reserve breakfast for the next morning the night prior to.